ARM Cortex-M4 Processor


Shanghai Goldfund is dedicated to monitor status and analyze system of industrial machine, specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of full system products from sensors, ins. to monitoring and analysis software. Our company products mainly include, dynamic equipment status monitoring and analysis system, vibration displacement and speed sensor, wireless sensor and communication station gateway, intelligent data ins., on-site monitoring instrument, integrated sensor, trinity sensor, computer software, vibration displacement and speed verification instrument, etc., which are widely used in multiple industries such as water pumping stations, smart power plants, coal mines, metallurgical coking, petrochemical, cement, transportation, paper tobacco and aerospace.
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    Shanghai Headquarter

    Collaborative Optimization Technology, Biomimetic Optimization Theory                  

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    Information Perception

    Wired sensors, wireless sensors                   

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    Intelligent diagnosis

    Multi-type Intelligent Diagnostic Model 

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    Data Collection

    Industrial Internet, Edge Computing

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    Big Data

    Build Big Data Platform             

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    Multi-data Fusion

    Data Collection, Standard Data Interface