Remote diagnostic operation and maintenance, providing value-added services for users.
Service Philosophy

Real time monitor the machine condition, predictive understand sudden faults and wear conditions of machines, predict service life to prepare various possible situations the machines may encounter. Reasonably arrange production and planning, reduce unplanned machine downtime, and maintenance costs;

Machine Fault Diagnosis Services

Monitor the real-time machine condition, monthly conduct comprehensive health assessments for online monitoring machine, confirm fault parts, analyze fault cause, and assess the degree of machine damage, in order to predict the machine service life in advance;

Monthly Condition Examination Services

If the customer provides feedback on abnormal faulty machine, diagnostic experts and technical service personnel can be assigned for on-site testing and machine fault analysis diagnosis, timely provide diagnostic reports, and carry out bearing balancing and handling of intermediate problems on-site;

Offline Diagnostic Services
Service Content
Remote operation and maintenance diagnosis & analysis service

Provide timely, efficient, and comprehensive technical support; Machine remote Operation and maintenance diagnosis & analysis services;

On-site fault detection & analysis service

Faults that can’t be diagnosed remotely, engineers will be arranged to the site, analyze causes, develop solutions, and troubleshoot;

Comprehensive condition examination services for machine

Real time monitoring of machine with monthly fault diagnosis reports, provide inspection and maintenance suggestions for fault location, causes, and subsequent deterioration paths;

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